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We're Refkaro.in , A Easy To Use Referral Earning Platform

RefKaro Is the Portal to Refer and earn cash on various products and services required day to day. Earn Cash For Referring Your Friends, Family, Relatives, Businesses To Our Services . On Each Valid Referral You Get Paid Referral Cash
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Refer services and earn up to INR .70 Lakhs/ $1,000!

Vijay D Sarkale

Our Story

In today’s day & age millennials are credited for being the ones who are out to change the world. Right now, they are at the forefront of the smart phone and social media revolutions. Millennials are resorting to online experiences, be it buying day-to-day use of products and services. It was only a matter of time for the Online business to gain momentum and the Covid pandemic played a catalyst. Communication preferences saw a complete shift from face to face to Online Meetings and this trend is here to stay. What proved to be a disaster for the various industries has been the biggest opportunity for the growth of social media connections and now having treaded on this path for over a year there's is no immediate reversal of trend in this modern-day trade. So keep your connections growing….

Vijay D Sarkale
Deepti Sarkale
Deepti Sarkale

Our Story

It was with this thought, that our founders decided to launch their dream project and foray into the world of Referral Business and that is how RefKaro.in was born. RefKaro.in is a lead genearation company founded by Deepti & Vijay. Our founders had been harbouring a dream to serve the community right from their college courtship days dating back to 20 years. Deepti Sarkale's strong background in chartered accountancy coupled with Vijay Sarkale's experience across various prominent F&B, Retail, Hotels and Tech brands like Chili’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Indigo Delicatessen, International Lounges, Airport F&B restaurants, Relay and Clarion have only helped building good concept. RefKaro.in was curated amidst a lot of hard work, turmoil & uncertainty owing to the pandemic. However, the company finally saw it’s referral business picking up in April 2020. Over the past year we’ve grown and now have a total of three branches across Mumbai sheltering multiple services under one roof making it an optimised and hence scalable business model. At RefKaro.in, our goal is to serve ours members with easy and quick referral cash for self referral or for referring near and dear ones. We aim to provide you “Return in the form of hard cash $ for which we never ever have got anything on various purchases of products/ Services. Ye Dil Mange more!

Pavankumar V Gollapudi

Our Story

We've always wanted to create an easy to use platform where people can earn money without investment . That's how we came up with RefKaro.in, an online job that pays well for successful referrals and requires no investment.

Pavankumar V Gollapudi
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Why RefKaro?

We Stand For 4 pillars of business TTTT

  • Transformation
  • Trust
  • Transparancy
  • Timely

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

“Enable consumers to earn extra cash and Deliver a range of quality products and services at affordable prices with extra care for ALL."

Our Vision

"To be the leading and most admired Indian referral company creating WOW! experience for the Members.”


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